Monday, June 25, 2007

Frank Amodeo and Mirabilis:"I knew Frank Amodeo In Prison"

This from an Email:

Amodeo, "A clever psychopath" in the words of a fellow inmate at the Federal "Club Fed" white collar minimum security prison at Lewisburg was the creator of "AQMI (pronounced "Acme") Strategy Corporation" situated on the 28th floor of the SunTrust towerin Orlando, Florida that along with the other elements of the "Amodeo Web" that includes Mirabilis Ventures Inc. and Nexia Strategy Corporation.

Thus Amodeo at the ripe old age of 45 became the Emperor of a world wide empire of corporate private military establishment that employs thousands of former policemen and soldiers as mercenaries engaged in "black bag" projects like the 2006 attempt to overthrow the government of the Congo.

But life was not always a bed of roses for Amodeo. The highly intelligent son of a lawyer, Frank P. Amodeo, and some would say "amublance chaser" --- Amodeo The Younger grew up in a middle class household in Orlando, and attended college at the University of Central Florida before moving to Atlanta to attend the Emory University of Law. He started his law practice in 1988. It only took six years after starting his practice of law for Young Amodeo be disbarred by the Georgia Supreme Court: It would appear that The Young Man in A Hurry" engaged in fraud and dishonesty in the state of Georgia, in that he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from mostly senior citizen clients, and wrote checks on closed checking accounts.

Like many other discovered crook, the now disbarred lawyer Amodeo decided to head south to Florida, back to Orlando in early 1994, where he had roots and family. He obtained new employment in real estate as a "liquidation agent" -- a person who aided troubled businesses in going out of business. Then the criminal problems began for him: In 1995, Amodeo was arrested and jailed for forgery and grand theft. He dodged the bullet on that one and charges were dropped. This was not to be the case in 1996, when the IRS filed claim to $83,000 in back taxes. In 1997, Amodeo was to claim bankruptcy and only $500 to his name. His personal Gotterdammerung happened the next year in 1998 when Amodeo was sentenced to three years in federal prison and three years parole, a very light sentence for one engaged in this type of criminal activity, for a fraud case that happened in his lawyer days in Atlanta.

"I remember Frank from our days imprisoned at Lewisburg minimum security prison, which is a cage for white collar criminals," said a former inmate friend of Amodeo, he continues, "We were both assigned duty as ground keepers at the prison, a job we could knock out in a couple of hours in the winter, so we had lots of time to chat. Frank never did talk about the details of his case, in fact, none of us did because of the problems with informants, however, he talk in general terms about how stupid he had been in what he'd done. I understood that he wasn't the least bit sorry about his crime, but only of getting caught. I recall one day talking about Bill Clinton and how he appeared to heading our way (This was during the impeachment process in 1999) and Amodeo remarked. 'Clinton will never do a second of prison time: He's too well connected with law enforcement and the ultimate Mr. Big with millions in the bank. You and I are locked up because we are little crooks who have to take the fall; the big operators like Bill Clinton always go free.' I understand Amodeo has become a Mr. Big since leaving prison, " the former inmate and friend of Frank concluded.

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