Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rush Limbaugh comments on: "The Path To 9/11"

You could sum it up this way: You could say, "Well, wowie zowie, we do have some people in the intelligence community who are skilled and dedicated and talented." We haven't heard that for five years. We hear just the opposite. Apparently we do have heroes who risk their lives every day for the country and our cause. Haven't heard that for the last five years, not from the Drive-By Media, at any rate. And apparently we have some bureaucrats who care more about their turf, their careers, than they do their responsibility to the nation. We have regulations, we got bureaucratic layers that are hamstringing the mission. We've heard that from time to time but usually a split screen with an ACLU representative contradicting it. So far the coverage of the movie, The Path to 9/11, has been treated more as The Path to the Clinton Legacy. If there was one dramatic license the entire project has been painted as a dramatic license, and the drive-bys are trying to say the whole thing is made up, the whole thing is crazy, none of it is believable.
Yet here's the bottom line. If the truth be told, no controversial Sandy Burglar scene, if there were no other cherry picked scenes that brought on the wrath of Clinton and the rage of the left, you still would have seen actual footage of the real Bill Clinton as a leader ill-equipped to lead. Do you realize none of what we got in The Path to 9/11 was what we got throughout the 1990s? We had none of the staged good times of Bill Clinton. None of the nineties in The Path to 9/11 were portrayed as happy-go-lucky and carefree and a roaring economy and everybody just happy as they can be. We didn't see any trembling lip performance from Bill Clinton. They didn't use any of that video. We didn't see Clinton mesmerizing an audience, most of them Drive-By Media babes. What we saw in this movie was the real Bill Clinton: awkward, hesitating, unsure, faking resolve, and that, folks, is the real story behind the story. The image, the years of a crafted image has been laid bare for all who watched The Path to 9/11 to see.
Now that you've seen it, is it any wonder that the Clintonistas are now saying, make that crowing, that twice as many people watched the football game? And so unintentionally they offer up the real Clinton, legacy, polls, it's all ratings. New York Times editorial today denounces me and Thomas Kean. Denounces me for being a friend of the writer of The Path to 9/11 and how that should have sounded warning bells to the Clintonistas and the Democrats. Hey, New York Times, it did. It sounded huge warning bells. Until I had made that statement on the program, made that, quote, unquote, admission, it had been pretty tame. But that caused all hell to break loose, which is strange because as I said yesterday, Democrats, a number of powerful Democrats, Richard Ben-Veniste and others, had seen a screening of this a couple weeks ago at the National Press Club.


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