Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Majority of Americans Are Favorable Towards the Jews and Israel

At a time when rabid anti-Semitism is a world standard, the majority of Americans think well of Jews and support Israel. In contrast, only a small minority think well of the Moslems. I say its time for a formal USA-Israel military alliance.
A new Gallup Poll (released September 7, 2006) asked respondents how they felt about ten different religious groups, ranging from “Fundamentalist Christians” to “Atheists.” By every measure, Jews drew the most favorable reaction, with the highest “positive” rating (58%) and the lowest “negative” rating (only 4%). By contrast, Americans expressed decidedly mixed feelings about Mormons (with a net negative rating, 29% to 28%) and Muslims (30% to 26%). The least popular religious groups in the survey proved to be Atheists (an overwhelmingly negative 44% to 15% rating) and, most especially, Scientologists (a stunning 53% negative, to just 11% positive – thank you, Tom Cruise!).

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