Sunday, March 19, 2006

"THE WORLD WILL BE ONE!" -- Big Brother

....for true Muslims, the West and Christianity must be brought down together. Earliest Islam inspires terrorists and extremists to triumph over the "Great Satan" and the "Abode of Unbelievers" in their false religion. They are inspired to effectuate the ultimate victory for Islam, the true religion, which includes waging jihad or qital in the example of their prophet.

Beyond the West, though, since all corners of the globe have some religion, Islam must now religiously dominate the world, which entails complete control over all aspects of society through sharia, with no distinction between mosque and state, between religion and civil liberties, and between imposing holiness from an antiquated and harsh sacred Book and law—the Quran and sharia—and choosing holiness from a relationship with a loving Father God—the Holy Spirit’s work in the heart.

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