Saturday, August 25, 2007

Islam Critical Cartoon Banned In America

Note to Opus readers: The Opus strips for August 26 and September 2 have been withheld from publication by a large number of client newspapers across the country, including Opus' host paper The Washington Post. MORE HERE

Berkeley Breathed, the raving Bushophobic Leftist cartoonist is banned by his own Neo-Commie pals in the Mainstream Media. Hmmm? What should we do? Since the Democommie Ministry Of Truth won't touch this cartoon, then how about a Rightist Blogburst that will surely get the attention of the World Hordes Of Unwashed And Always Pissed Off Muslims who will surely go crazy, run amok, riot, burn American flags and an embassy or two, and have an Imam somewhere to issue a Fatwa against Comrade Breathed.

Mo Toons Redux?

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