Monday, November 20, 2006

The Philosopher Kings & Queens of Oceania Discuss "What Went Right?"

Some of my Comrades at the Ministry of Truth are having a very interesting secret discussion full of Thought Crime against Big Brother and INSOC -- Comrade Parsons, the lackey -- was not invited, so everyone feels free to speak their mind for a change ...Especially, the agents of Goldstein.

The most exciting thing I've read in a while. A salutary reminder that we must stay reality-grounded and not succumb to self-indulgent, morbid pessimism via a string of progressively detached deductions.

It's not surprising that Objectivists are having this kind of argument, given the mixed signals from Rand herself. On the one hand, compromise was never to be countenanced since only evil stood to gain from it; on the other, voting, for instance—the subject of the current controversy—was, legitimately, "choosing the lesser of two evils." Another gentle admonition that we're on our own and must each use our own judgement as conscientiously as we can.

This is very instructive from Tracinski and I look forward to its completion

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